About Us

The Inspiration Academy is a part of the Veetil Group of companies. The Inspiration Academy is essentially a training organisation focussed on developing People skills and Personal development skills. We cater to two separate market segments namely the Personal Segment and the Corporate Segment. The company was setup in 2011 with the objective of helping people live inspired lives and reach their full potential. Shortly thereafter courses were designed to cater to the workplace thus helping employees gain personal power and become more productive in the workplace, have better relationships, build more effective teams and manage conflicts much better. Based in Perth, Australia The Inspiration Academy offers Life Coaching, Personal Development workshops and seminars for the individual segment and People Skill workshops on Leadership, Relationship Building, Team Dynamics, Time Management, Advanced Goal Setting and Conflict Management for the corporate sector. We also offer NLP programs starting from Basic Practitioner to Master Practitioner and all the way to NLP Trainer.


To make life easier for people and organisations.


To help and assist in solving the daily challenges, that people and organisations face by offering products, services and solutions that are innovative, reliable and of a high quality at a reasonable and affordable price.


At The Inspiration Academy we believe that our people are the edifice on which our organisation is built. Everything else is secondary and revolves around people. Our people have dreams, passions, hopes and a vision of a better tomorrow. We listen to our people, understand their needs and help them to become better people. Our people are achievers and share the same philosophy of making life easier for our customers, employees, partners and all who come in contact with The Inspiration Academy. Our focus is on building a great place to work, learn and experience life so that our people can fulfill their aspirations, at the same time fulfilling the aspirations of our customers. Trust and team spirit are the corner stones of our people philosophy. We strive to attract, retain and develop good quality people. Our people are encouraged to develop new ideas and opportunities across the globe. Our ultimate goal is to create a rewarding, fun and stimulating work environment.


  • People Before Profit
  • Quality
  • Team Work
  • Win – Win Philosophy
Culture Statement

At The Inspiration Academy we believe that “Our greatness lies not in our achievements, but in our contributions “ and our driving force is Contribution to the wellness of others. We are extremely Grateful for having been given the opportunity to serve others and help them lead a more happy and fulfilled life. Our goal is to help people lead Extraordinary lives. For us “ Being Great or Good “ is only the starting point. We view life as a Journey to be enjoyed and appreciated, and have Fun in everything that we do. We create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so that everyone can enjoy what they do. We have a Balanced approach to life remembering that our physical, social, spiritual and family aspects are just as important as our financial and intellectual ones. We encourage our employees to take Risks, be Courageous and Innovative, and most of all think out of the box. We work as a very close team, Trusting and Supporting each other, in order to bring out the best in each one of us and achieve both our organisational and personal goals. We take Responsibility and Ownership in everything we do, be Accountable for our actions and their outcomes. We have a Positive attitude and are not afraid of failure. We learn from our failures and mistakes and grow and become better at what we do. We expect all our employees to have the qualities of Honesty and Integrity. Most of all we believe in the Abundance mentality and are Passionate about building Win-Win Relationships with all who come in contact with us.


Our partners are generally the best of breed companies who share our vision to provide products and services to make life easier for people. Our partners are world class and the best in what they do and share our value of putting people before profits. We provide a gateway for our partners to expand their businesses beyond their shores. We provide our Partners with superior value, market differentiation and sustainable revenue opportunities . We combine the expertise of different partners and merge them seamlessly to provide innovative solutions to our customers.