Sunil trained with Sue Knight to achieve the level of NLP Trainer. I am honoured that he did so as he is a true professional dedicated to being the best in everything that he does. He is also committed to the learning of his delegates and clients and works hard and with dedication to achieve this. We are proud to be connected to Sunil and the way in which he works internationally and yet remains true to the culture of which he is a part .

Thank you Sunil.

Sue Knight
Founder, Sue Knight Books & Talks
International NLP Consultant & Author, UK

I was lucky enough to work with Sunil in India this year. His enthusiasm and lust for life and learning was plain to see and so infectious. If you want a double dose of motivation and someone who will bring your learning to life, Sunil is your man. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Diane Seaborne
NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner
Director, Cloudless Sky Ltd, Wales.

Sunil's personal energy and kindness creates an amazing environment for learning and developing. He is full of ideas and has people's best interest always at the core of everything he does. He is innovative, funny, charismatic, knowledgeable and humble. I feel privileged I worked with him.

Javier Orti
NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner
Founder and Director – Helping kids Ltd, UK

If you want to learn how to become more productive, change your habits, and know what it takes to become successful, Sunil is a great teacher to learn from. I must say, Sunil indeed is a genius in his field. An excellent speaker, open minded, and action oriented guy.

Pooncharasphao Supanyadechakul
NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner
Managing Director

Sunil is a remarkable person in the way that he learns and works. What stands out about is his professionalism, simple at heart and straight-through conversations. His understanding of human behaviour is touching and speaks a lot about him, as a person. I find Sunil being humble, caring, respectful and accepting people as they are thus influencing the environment in gentle ways. He has a high level of consciousness and a great perception about people. He creates immediately an environment of trust that allows thinking, reflecting and moving to the next level. Another key capability is of being a skilled strategist and I am sure organisations and individuals are learning to take advantage of this expertise. I am proud to be associated with Sunil.

R Ramesh Prasad
Trainer | Author | Founder
Onefluencer NLP Training with Sue Knight Books & Talks, Chennai, India

I first met Sunil while on an intensive training course for NLP trainers in Kerala India. I was immediately struck by his professionalism and focus.
We were asked to prepare and work closely together for a specific exercise that proved to be very successful. I would happily work with him again in the future and hope that I will get the opportunity to do so. When asked to describe Sunil a very strong image came to me of a modern and strong building like the Burj al Arab in Dubai, outward looking and forward thinking, able to stand alone with a nobility that is surrounded by blue skies and if seas are rough he weathers them easily and shows how east can meet west in a modern, noble way.
I found him a sincere and honest man with a great sense of humour.

Vicky Gumley
NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner
Director - Take Control, Edinburgh, Scotland

I am fortunate to have worked with Sunil in India. His professionalism, imaginative ways of learning and compassion shines through all he does. He creates immediate rapport and understanding; this together with his extensive NLP knowledge, experience, passion and empathy is a powerful combination. I am delighted to be associated with Sunil.

Tracey Evans
NLP Master Practitioner , GoodEvans, UK

It was a real privilege to work with Sunil. He is absolutely committed to helping others and is a glowing example of someone who is truly passionate about learning. Sunil has the perfect combination of business acumen and genuine caring. He is a talented coach and trainer and I hope to work with him again one day.

Lisa Gill
NLP Master Practitioner
Business Development Lead, NKD Learning, London

I have worked closely with Sunil during my Acer days and hold him in high esteem for his thorough professionalism, work ethics & reliability. Sunil possesses excellent interpersonal skills and does not take long to develop an atmosphere of mutual trust with his business partners. I observed that he is quick to identify how best to support his partners. Furthermore I found Sunil to be an excellent human being too. I wish all the success to Sunil in his life!!

Dhruv Srivastava
Experienced Strategist & Business Executive
Geneva, Switzerland

Sunil delivers his presentation with grace and a wide knowledge base. He briefly but humbly shares his reasons for why he loves what he does and for wanting to share it to the world, showing that this could be anyone’s story. His style of delivery makes these sometimes new ideas non-confrontational and easy to understand. Spending time with Sunil allows you to see he speaks from the heart giving you a desire for more of his knowledge, so you too can have some of that centeredness he exudes in your own life. These seminars would be great for work places and groups looking for more team synergy or for an individual looking to make some positive changes in their lives.

Thank you Sunil.

Kaye Hodgkiss
Life Style Assistance, Perth, Australia

Sunil practices what he preaches and has more knowledge on personal development and happiness than any other life coach I have met in Perth.
Sunil shares his knowledge in an informative and thought provoking way that is not personally intimidating but focused on driving insights and ultimately results for the individual.
He is professional, skilful and wonderful sharing insights and inspiration!
I thoroughly recommend Sunil to anyone looking to improve their sense of satisfaction and personal sense of worth and happiness.
Sunil is wonderful!!
Like the Sunrise!

David Buttsworth
West Australia's Most Successful Mentor

Sunil is very sincere & diligent in all his initiatives. He always had interest in leadership & used to guide professionals for striving work life balance even during his days at Dubai in the IT industry. I am happy to see him pursue his passion and make difference in the life of others as well through his Inspiration Academy. Over the years he has equipped himself with vast knowledge in the leadership domain & will greatly contribute in enabling others into happy human beings.

Murali Raghavan
Senior Manager, Maharajah Group, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sunil is a highly trained presenter in the field of personal development and his Inspiration Academy is testimony to this. The major benefit of working with Sunil is that he creates change and is genuinely concerned about each person he trains and educates.
I have no hesitation in recommending The Inspirational Academy to anybody who would like to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Greg Culver
LinxHurricane - Inbound Marketing Strategies That Work - Servicing All Industries
Worldwide, Perth, Australia

Sunil is an avid reader and with extensive management experience, Sunil is able to draw out a real example for every topic that he teaches for domain based training. What sets him apart is his selfless commitment to be a life coach and take interest in every participant’s personal development. To sum it short it’s a life changing experience attending any of his training's as he always incorporates stuff related to personal development which will surely take an individual to greater heights.

Saurabh Dutta
HR Professional and Trainer, Perth, Australia

Sunil is a highly self-motivated and inspiring individual who is passionate about making positive difference in the life of people and is genuinely keen to do some monumental work through his inspirational academy. Sunil’s Inspiration academy is a reflection of his personal attributes and projects professionalism, inspiration and genuineness and I am certain with these traits Sunil and his academy will achieve monumental results.
I would gladly recommend Sunil and his Inspiration academy to any individual seeking inspiration and wanting to transform their life from good to great.

Thank you Sunil

Venu Nair
HR Professional, Perth, Australia

"I found Sunil very passionate for what he has been doing. I attended workshop conducted by him and it has been an enriching experience. His concepts are crystal clear and easy to understand. I am looking forward to attend more workshops and seminars by him. I would say that Sunil should continue making difference in other's life. I wish him all the best"

Chaitali Bhatt
Training Professional, Perth, Australia

Sunil demonstrated excellent knowledge and experience in this very specialised field of Business and Life Goal setting Skills. He is clearly a knowledgeable and well-read professional in this field and on several occasions he shared his motivating and encouraging words and views of many of the world’s leaders in this arena.

Sunil’s well-structured course preparation was clearly demonstrated in the manner in which he presented the contents to us. The course folder which included several systematic templates for us to work with was simple to clearly identify our individual goals. His presentation style was very inspiring. On several occasions, he invited interaction and discussion by all to express our own experiences in this field. This content was an added bonus.

Sunil delivered the course with a structured approach demonstrating several examples, in order that there was a gradual build up and understanding of the various critical steps.

The feedback from the attendees was very appreciative and encouraging and all indicated they would complete their work book and work towards their newly identified personal goals.

I have no hesitation in commending Sunil to any person wishing to identify and work towards their personal and business goals.

Walter Joseph.
Walter E. Joseph & Associates

I went to one of Sunil's advanced goal setting workshop. I found the course very inspiring, practical, realistic, reflective and educational. I felt what I learnt in the course was easy to follow and realistic to apply in real life. Sunil is a very humble and genuine person. He was honest with us. I can see he genuinely wants to help people. I appreciate that made his course very affordable unlike other courses I’ve been too! I say if you're interested in his courses go for it you've got nothing to lose. Also a great way to meet like-minded people.

Mei Li