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We are an NLP focussed training company and all our training programs are based on the concepts of NLP. NLP provides all the tools required to enhance your skills in the areas of Management, Relationships, Communication, Conflict Management, Team Building and Leadership. We have separate programs targeted at the Corporate sector and the Personal Sector. Our Corporate Solutions are focussed on improving productivity and morale in the workplace thus directly improving profitability while our Personal Solutions provide you with all the tools required to enhance the quality of your life, help you to be more happy and contented, achieve all your goals and dreams and live life to your full potential.

NLP Training

We provide a wide range of NLP training programs starting with the 2 day Introduction to NLP and all the way to the 10 day Trainers Training where you will be

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Corporate Solutions

As part of our corporate solutions we provide training and coaching that will enhance the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of employees that will in

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Personal Solutions

We believe that most people are living life way below their potential. They have not discovered their true magnificence and greatness that lies within them and

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Are you looking at increasing productivity and profits?

Then look no further. Engage our company to provide your employees with training that caters to all types of businesses and will enhance morale, improve efficiency and effectiveness and improve productivity thus increasing profits for your company.

Would you like to create a dynamic and performing team that brings in results no matter what the state of the economy?

Check out our team building training programs that will empower your employees to become above the line thinkers and take responsibility no matter what the state of the economy or any other external factors.

Are you looking to improve relationships at your workplace and create an environment of trust and mutual respect ?

Effective Workplace Relationships are paramount to being a successful organisation and our relationship building training programs will provide your employees with all the tools necessary to enhance their relationship building and rapport building skills and enable them to interact with each other and your customers in a much more powerful manner.

Would you like to live a life of abundance and freedom?

Our Personal Development programs will provide you with the tools to live a life of abundance and freedom and discover your hidden talents. It will enable you to step up to a whole new level and live life to its fullest potential. You will discover the joy of living and sharing in a way that you never dreamt of as being possible.

Do you feel like you are constantly running and getting nowhere ?

Is the treadmill of life getting to you. Are you feeling the pressure of modern day living. Is the stress taking a toll on your health and relationships. Are you feeling that you need to keep running to stay in the same place. Check out our personal development programs and see how you can discover the secret to managing stress in a healthy, effective and productive manner. We show you how to deal with stress so that it works for you instead of against you.

Would you like to take your relationships to a whole new level ?

Do you find relationship building challenging. Have you had trouble maintaining and growing relationships and find it to be hard work. Do you find it difficult to be a people person. Attend our Relationship Building Workshops and discover the secrets of Relationship building which will take your relationships to a whole new level.

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Welcome to The Inspiration Academy and thanks for dropping by. Whether you are here to find a solution for yourself or you represent an organisation and are looking at increasing productivity and profitability, you are at the right place. We can provide you with standard training solutions or can tailor make them to suit your requirements.
Our vision is to Make Life Easy for you. We are passionate about helping people and organisations become the best that they can be and discover their true magnificence. We will support you in whatever way we can to help you achieve this.
Let us know how we can help you, and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Here’s to your success !
Sunil Kumar