What we do at the inspiration academy

We dont realise the innate potential that lies deep inside all of us. Our job is to harness the power of this hidden potential to achieve our dreams and goals and make this world a better place.

The 6 core human needs

The 6 core human needs are at the essence of all human behaviour and understanding of these needs helps in managing relationships and understanding others better.

Self Awareness

Being aware of ourself is the first step in the journey to success, peace and true fulfillment.

7 Step Process to setting goals

Goal setting is one of the most powerful but underrated techniques to achieve true fulfillment, peace and happiness.

Talk on Motivation at UWA

It is important that we understand the difference between Motivation and Inspiration. Inspiration is what keeps us going no matter what the challenges are. When you are inspired Life feels effortless.

Life is a Journey

It is said that if you cant find happiness by the side of the road, you are not likely to find it at the end of the road. We focus so much on the end goal that we lose sight of the day to day living.

My Story

The reason why I am doing what I am doing and what caused the setting up of The Inspiration Academy.

Entrepreneurship – UWA

What is true entrepreneurship and what are some of the qualities that are required to become successful entrepreneurs.

Design Your Life Seminar – 18 Sept 12

Are you living life by choice or by chance. Is life out of control or are you holding the steering wheel of your life. One can design one’s life and move it in the chosen direction of you can understand and implement some basic concepts on a day to day basis.

10 Step Process to One on One Coaching

One on one coaching is a very powerful method to help people overcome challenges. The assumption here is that all the solutions are already within the client and the coach helps the client to discover those solutions by asking the right questions.

Live an Inspired Life - Talk at Curtin University – 12 Sept 12

How to make life easy-Sunil Kumar-Inspiration Academy

Power of Passion-Sunil Kumar-Inspiration Academy