Passion is that driving force that resides deep within us and helps us to excel and achieve incredible things in our life. Life without passion is a shallow life. Anything done with passion takes on a life of its own. Passion is the fuel, it is the energy which will ensure that you are doing the right thing and will also ensure that you can stay the distance. Persistence, Confidence, Motivation, Self Belief all come out of doing something with passion or rather in line with your passion.

It has often been said that “ Do what you love to do and you will become a success “. Every successful person has this characteristic. They are doing what they truly love and therefore it is not a chore or a burden to them. They enjoy doing it and hence excel at what they do and become the best that they can. When you are young it is important to discover your passions and calling. This is generally hidden inside of you and if you look strongly and deeply enough you will discover it. It is also easier for the youth to follow their passions because they have the added advantage of being strong and resilient and hence have the strength to overcome the challenges that are bound to come their way. As you grow older it becomes more challenging to change what you have been doing and follow your passions.

Most people spend their life doing something that is not their true passion and only discover their true passions much later in life and by then it is too late to do anything about it. They are also set in their ways and inflexibile and hence find it very difficult to do what they truly want to do. They are too scared to change their path at such a late stage in life. This is a very sad thing and they end up living a life full of dissatisfaction and regret.

Dont just fit into life,but find the life that is the right fit for each of us. If we look around we will find that every successful person follows this formula. The idea is to be so passionate about what you do that you can even do it for free. Being paid is a bonus. The fact is that the word “ retire “ is often used by people who cant wait to stop doing what they are doing and replace it with what they want to do. If you are doing exactly what you want to do, then aren’t you already retired ? Most successful people do exactly what they want to do and therefore are “ retired “ from the day they started doing it. That’s the reason why very successful people appear never to retire.

Life without passion is a life without direction and purpose.

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